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"Tactics without a strategy…

is worse than doing nothing at all.” -Li Evans

It’s true that digital marketing is almost imperative for success in today’s business world. Businesses without up-to-date websites, social media outlets, or Yelp reviews are much less likely to become well-known. However, simply throwing up a Facebook fan page or a Twitter account is not enough—you must have a strategy.

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The Beautiful Backbar

Check out this great article on how to create a visually appealing and efficient backbar. It was written by William Fanning and originally posted here @


Given the amount of money spent on flat screens, chandeliers and lighting, it’s perplexing how little effort most bar operators put into one of the undeniably important focal points of their operation: the backbar. This crucial piece of real estate must merchandise your products and be highly functional. Following are four steps to establishing a backbar that is visually appealing and operationally efficient.

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